You have a new instrument or a special setup that is somewhat unique and there is no software which can analyze your data out-of-the-box?
Or you know there is a software — probably open source, like OpenMS — but you just don’t know how to to configure it?

CodeMS aims to fill the gap between experimentalists and open source software. We have expert knowledge in OpenMS, which is one of the leading freely available
software packages for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data.
Many of the algorithms can also be used for related data (for example, ion mobility), if you know how to talk to a C++ library.
At other times, building a pipeline with the available toolset is sufficient.
This is where CodeMS can help!

We also offer trainings for experimentalists to get used to the software, such that you can create your own data analysis workflows.

The CodeMS staff is highly trained in algorithm engineering, analytical skills and quantitative proteomics.
Browse our site and feel free to contact us at if you have questions, ideas or a problem which needs to be tackled.